About Us

DiYfO (Do-it-yourself. For others) was born in 2011, out of founder Jade Tran's love for crafting, creating, and community. 

Pronounced "dye-foe," the name comes from her very clever friends.

DiYfO produces a variety of workshops and events, all perpetuating the DIY spirit.  No two projects are ever the same, and we love working with new partners and entities to spread DIY joy, and give back to the community!

If you'd like to talk about incorporating the DiYfO spirit into your next project, we'd love to hear from you! 

Email us at info@diyfo.org

About the Founder

Jade grew up knitting, baking, spending time in her grandfather's wood shop, sewing with her grandma, and getting in trouble with her family for taking things apart (the remote controls were never in one piece).  Her favorite volume of the World Book Encyclopedia has always been Make and Do.

She lives in the Bay Area (but in Downtown LA on the weekends).